Friday, May 13, 2011

um hi

before i start a last message from my excomrade in arms, roy

"If you're reading this, I'm dead. All I want to say is, try to help Broken Ace like you tried to help me. He needs it way more than I do. All the years of running and fighting,'ll see.

Goodbye, and thanks for the support,
Roy Hankins"

i guess if you guys want you can comment with Questions i can answer later. maybe help with my brain. right now im in california in some city near roys county. im using the wifi at this nice comic shop. i like comics. spiderman and blue beetle are my favorite. should not stay long dont want to fight mean men again. had to fight them alot recently. its like theyre the soldier ants of a tall pale Queen ant. i guess thats enough for now please ask questions. bye.

-the broken ace

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Final me

This is my last post. Dukes is barricaded in house, waiting for CCV to show, and I don't even know if he's dead yet. I can only hope he takes a couple of those bastards with him. Before I leave permanently, I have two theories of mine to share, and an announcement.

1. Slendy works under different rules for different people. It seems odd that our tall friend always seems so different depending on the blog. My own experience was especially odd. How can Zeke's Slendy and M's Slendy be the same? They act completely different. But then it hit me, what if Slendy changes his tune to fit you. He acted in a structured, orderly, and, in his own words, stupid way around M, while with Zeke he was like a cunning mastermind. I don't know why he does this, but maybe by acting differently around all of us, he scares us all in a way that suits (lol) us. Also, maybe by making our stories so different from eachother's he hopes he can divide us, trying to guess which blog is real and which is fake. Which brings me to the next theory:

2. No blog/story is fake. There are a lot of blogs that, when we try to find the people in real life or analyze with our own experiences in mind, we decide they're not real. And yet online, the people adamantly and passionately defend themselves, saying they're not joking. Therefore, what if Slendy's existence has tied several different parallel worlds together: via there internet. On the internet, (with the exception of MH) all of the stories are personal accounts. The ones that don't fit with our research merely take place in a different part of the multiverse than our own. For all I know, I could share a universe with the H(a)unted group, instead of Ava and Co. like I expect. Guess I'll never know.

3. I will be handing off my account and blog to that Sac Stalked, the Broken Ace. We talked over e-mail, and he wanted to take over in case of my...demise. So, I hope you'll welcome him with open arms. Also, just as a warning, his username is not inaccurate. He's a the beaten path. Of sanity. Try and help him for me, will you?

Signing off reality,
Roy Hankins

Monday, April 25, 2011

Where is he?

Alright, I'm sorry I haven't posted in a while. things have been getting serious lately, He was more often when He could show up, and when He couldn't it felt like every time I turned around a shadow raced down an alleyway. I thought that since He showed up when I started blogging, I could stop blogging to stop Him showing up. It wasn't working, but I had fallen out of habit, so I didn't start again. Nothing to blog about I guess. But when we got back from Spring Break, Ian wasn't at school. I called his house, and they said he had gone missing two days prior. They sent a report, but no luck so far. There was no sign of a struggle, and the last time they saw him he had left to go to the park.

Alright CCV, you Revenant piece of shit. I've heard how your kind works. Post if you want to trade. I'll trade myself for him, if that is what you want. This will likely be my last post, considering I hope to try and end this chase soon. Goodbye, if you're reading this. Sorry I wasn't...strong enough to keep going.

Saturday, April 2, 2011


Last night, the Lakeport police called. They had the proxy who had attacked me in cell, at least until his trial. Due to his psychotic nature they had 1 guard on duty the whole time, and a security camera watching his every move. There shouldn't have been any way for him to escape.

At 4:44 pm, the guard was knocked unconscious by an unseen assailant, the camera was smashed with a blunt object, and when the guy stuck with the next guard shift came at 5pm, the prisoner wasn't there.

I don't know what to do now. I don't think it was Him, he hasn't appeared in Lakeport yet and the camera had to be destroyed, no interference was detected. Plus, the guard's still alive. Please, anyone reading this, I'm not sure what to do if that bastard CCV sends more mooks. What if he doesn't send three guys next time, but five? Or ten? What if he comes himself, I don't know what we would do against one of his elite pawns.

Before I go, I plead to the Slenderstalked in Sac, if he/she exists. Help us. We need it.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Holy shitx9001

Those of you who deciphered CCV's 'mysterious' post are probably wondering why nothing happened yesterday. Well, the truth of the matter is that I have been in the police department thanks to the events that transpired. What events? Listen up guys.

So there I am, midday Sunday, just woke up, no breakfast, and watching Fruits Basket on my computer (Watching a second time to see how it has aged), when all of a sudden I hear a THUMP from the living room. Now, earlier I found a note from my Dad saying he had taken Mom, Heather, and our dogs to a mountain trip. I generally dislike them, so they didn't wake me. That left me alone in my house as I heard threatening noises from the front of the house, on the day following receiving threats from an unnamed stalker. Oh, and I'm already Slenderstalked, so add that to the paranoid stew. I've always been a cautious guy, but add the previously described description and I decided there was no way I was going to check the sound without a weapon. A quick scan around the room showed me my two options: replica katana of Masamune from Highlander, or an aluminum golf driver. I went with the driver.

After I slowly crept down the hallway, I peeked around the corner, and there he was. Average looking guy, five foot six or seven, sweatshirt and pants. Yeah, pretty normal aside from the mask he wore around his face. I also noticed he had a knife in his hand. Bad news. Luckily he hadn't noticed me looking (he was looking to see if anyone noticed him), so I moved away from his line of sight. I heard him hit the door, again and again, until it shattered. He stepped into the living room, coming towards the hallway at an even pace. Just as he came around the bend for the hallway, I konked hit in the face with my driver. Hard. Now, despite what movies tell you, a blow to the head does not equal lights out. Instead he just stumbled backwards and ran into a chair, falling flat on his ass. While he was still dazed I ran up on checked his balls with my metal. That put him out. Then I did what I'm surprised most of you don't: I called the cops. I told them a strange man broke into my house with a knife, damaged my family's property, and I knocked him the fuck out. They sent a nearby patrol car over, read him his rights and locked him up. From what I hear he still isn't talking to the cops, just says cryptic stuff about Him. Lame. My friends were hit in similar circumstances, but I won't ruin there stories by attempting to convey them by proxy (PUNS). Instead I'll have them post soon with what they saw and how they responded.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Combined update of WTF, something I forgot about Sac, and ZOMG Zeke

Yeah, so in order: Who the hell is this Card Carrying Villain guy? At first I thought he was a troll or stalker or something because of the fact he knew my middle name, but in his last comment he gave the full names of my friends. So now it seems he's either: A) a crazy well-informed stalker, who is coming after me soon; B) a general or whatever of Slendershit; or C) Both. I honestly can't imagine which is the worst.

Next: While in Sac, we were eating brunch in this awesome place called Crepeville (GO THERE! IT'S DELICIOUS!), and the table we were at was covered in doodles done in knife. Halfway though our meal, Ian called me over to a medium-sized doodle near the middle of the table. That's right, Operator Symbol. I think this means there's a Slenderstalked somewhere in Sacramento. I took a picture with my cell phone, and I'll put it on here when I figure out how. If you know anyone in that area, comment please. Living where I do kinda secludes me geographically from most other Slenderstalked, so if there's one 2 hours away, that's awesome.

Last: Anyone else see Detective Kickass's (Zeke) new post. I may not have posted it, but my friends can confirm I called that one blog would investigate Dreams in Darkness. I just didn't know which one. But, as I posted, I totally agree with Zeke. The whole thing doesn't seem like a paranoid delusion, but like something that happened. I say that his 'brother' is either a proxy, government agent, or just deluded himself. I hope he gets to the bottom of this, because if so it will help my sleep. That's all for now, later.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Largish update

"Where have you been!?" Asks my four fans. Well sit down kids! Its story time!

As I have mentioned earlier, I am a member of Academic Decathlon. We just went to our state competition. I got back Monday, got sick Tuesday, and here I am today. Ian is also on the team, so we had basically the same experiences in Sacramento. On the way there we spotted Him about fifty times...wait sorry. Ian actually counted, and is saying it was forty-three. My bad. Once we arrived at our hotel (the Hyatt), we noticed from our shared room on the eighth floor that across the street, He was watching us, standing on top of a building's roof as tall as our room. About half the time we looked out the window He was there. All five days. I'd comment on the competition, but I doubt you'd care. Yesterday I got sick, as I said. And no, I don't think it was Proxycitus. It was the common cold, its going around here. You'd think after all that time we'd have some great, cool new fact, but we don't. I'm still just as clueless as I was when this shitstorm started. Still listening to advice if you have any. Thanks for reading my rambling shit when you could be reading something good. Thanks for caring. Will post when something actually happens.

EDIT: Forgot to mention, but several of my text documents have replaced all instances of the word 'the' with 'die'. If this is from you, Slendy, it is quite lame.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

So much new information, so little time. Because the conversation Ian, Dukes, and I had several days ago was, well, several says ago, I won't try to transcribe it. We put our heads together and got some information. Both of them saw Him having a face as well, but not the same face. They each wouldn't say who it was, but it was someone from their pasts and who wasn't purple-faced from drugs. We talked it over and decided not to abandon our lives just yet. It was my idea, and here is my reasoning. Now, all of you will start screaming about M's rules, but remember that the king of business suits doesn't operate the same way with everyone. With M He operated by a strict set of rules, but several other blogs have him defying said rules. Using the theory that He takes on different attributes to battle each of us differently, how do we know that those rules will apply to ours? The second He hurt someone we cared about, we'll leave. It the time since we have all noticed patterns. We see Him quite school. But the town we go to high school at and the town we live in are different, and are separated by a 15 minute drive. And in the town we live in, we have yet to see Him in our town once. At all. Also, when we first saw Him, His face was set it a strange way that scared the living shit out of us. It was kinda confrontational. In the time since His face has been set in a way that looks like He is examining us, like scientists look at a rat. It's still scary. That's all I have for now, so I'll answer any questions you comment with. See you later!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Day 4-Here's a great idea! Taunt the unholy abomination!


Don't act like I even have to describe what happened! I was sitting in class 1st period, trying to learn a new equation for fucking vectors for calculus. It's a nice day, sun is shining (after a terrible snowstorm here in Cali mind you), and this day looks like it might turn out great. I turn to my friends Ian and Dukes, lacking the patience to wait until the bell rings to tell them about the kick-ass movie I saw (Summer Wars). As I do, something out the door catches my eye. No. No God no, please don't tell's him. I'm fucked. I stare in absolute despair at the tall, thin man in a business suit standing about ten yards from my classroom's door. Now I can hear goddamn JediZero already. "Told you so man! Now you're fucked with the rest of us!" Yeah. So...calling out Slendy like that was not my brightest move. Now, you're probably wondering how I took this scare.

First, I nearly pissed my pants. Soon after I recovered class ended, and as we walked out I noticed several things at once. One, no one even glanced at the weird tall guy standing on the campus. They couldn't see him. Second, unlike most thing's I've read about him...he wasn't faceless. He has eyes, a nose, a mouth, the whole works. And it wasn't just any face either, I recognized it, instantly. It wasn't hard considering its purple hue. It was the face of my Uncle Kenny, the exact face I saw when I looked at him before he died of liver failure. And it was staring at me. I made a decision then, and a lot of you will question whether it was good or not, but at the time it seemed the best. I pulled aside my aforementioned friends and told them to look at the exact spot where he was standing. Now, the two have had very different reactions to the mythos in the past. Ian kinda likes it and uses it for a Dresden Files RPG campaign. Dukes, sadly, was overexposed to the Tutorial by myself and now sees the mythos as way less Lovecraftian and more boring rules. The both, however, had the same reactions to seeing him. Their faces turned white, and then they both grabbed me and ran to our next class. Our conversation their went like this:

I: That was...Him wasn't it?

R: Yeah.

D: And He's here because of your blog?

R: Probably, yeah.

They then proceeded to turn away and said that we'll discuss it tomorrow. They didn't say a word after that, I think they're really pissed. Well, that is enough action for today. Fill you in on how our conversation goes on Wednesday. Later.

P.S. We didn't see Him again today, or at least I didn't.

Monday, February 28, 2011

Day 3-Sigh

Yeah. So no sign of Slender Man. Again.  I really thought that He would have shown up by now. But then, I guess this proves what I thought. He doesn't exist and never will. He's just some scary internet meme that's good story material. Meh. I'll give Him one more day to show. After that, I call bullshit and shut down the blog. Later.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Day 2-No sign of our mutual acquaintance

Yeah, I didn’t think it was possible to be more paranoid then the night I watched every Marble Hornets in a row, but it is. I can no longer pass a window without looking out it to check. But luckily, (Or maybe unluckily? Not sure at this point.) I have seen neither tentacle nor blank face of that illusive Mr. Slender Man. I am still trying to think up good names for Him. Also, just finished reading all of A Really Bad Joke, and quite like it. I have to say, the Jester has balls of steel. I don’t think I could have pulled off any one of the other pranks, but all three? That is crazy awesome. Also, that post done from Slendy’s POV? Made of more win than three Kamina’s. Okay, maybe not that much. Still waiting for him. I will post when/if I do. Until next time, wish me luck. (Not sure what you’re hoping for, because even I’m unsure.)

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Let's cut to the chase

Let's not bead around the bush here. I have seen Marble Hornets, EverymanHYBRID, TribeTwelve and read the Tutorial, Seeking Truth, Dreams in Darkness and the London Librarian (My personal favorite, Ava is made of win.). I have not seen Mr. Tall Dark and Lanky yet, and I doubt I ever will (Cause he's not real.). However, I don't want my paranoia to be unjustified and, hell, I'm naturally curious. Ava didn't start being attacked until after starting a blog and taunting him. So I thought, "I've done everything but, so let's start a slendyblog!" Now, I can hear Ava already, "No! I did it because I'm dying! You can't infect yourself! You have so much to live for!" Okay, maybe not the last part, but still. The thing is, I just turned 18. I graduate high school in a few months, and I have no girlfriend. I'm close with my family yeah, but I will already be leaving anyway in a couple months, so if Slender Man does show up, no harm do-

Shit. He's outside. Seriously Slendybro, I haven't even hit the post button dude. Just kidding. I'm not that lame of a writer. Seriously though, this is a challenge to the nonexistent douchebag in a business suit, wherever he is: Bring it on you bastard. Ha!


Okay now that I've done the obligatory all-caps angry rant done, time to rap this up. Until next time, both my fellow uninfected and those courageous runners, later.