Saturday, March 26, 2011

Combined update of WTF, something I forgot about Sac, and ZOMG Zeke

Yeah, so in order: Who the hell is this Card Carrying Villain guy? At first I thought he was a troll or stalker or something because of the fact he knew my middle name, but in his last comment he gave the full names of my friends. So now it seems he's either: A) a crazy well-informed stalker, who is coming after me soon; B) a general or whatever of Slendershit; or C) Both. I honestly can't imagine which is the worst.

Next: While in Sac, we were eating brunch in this awesome place called Crepeville (GO THERE! IT'S DELICIOUS!), and the table we were at was covered in doodles done in knife. Halfway though our meal, Ian called me over to a medium-sized doodle near the middle of the table. That's right, Operator Symbol. I think this means there's a Slenderstalked somewhere in Sacramento. I took a picture with my cell phone, and I'll put it on here when I figure out how. If you know anyone in that area, comment please. Living where I do kinda secludes me geographically from most other Slenderstalked, so if there's one 2 hours away, that's awesome.

Last: Anyone else see Detective Kickass's (Zeke) new post. I may not have posted it, but my friends can confirm I called that one blog would investigate Dreams in Darkness. I just didn't know which one. But, as I posted, I totally agree with Zeke. The whole thing doesn't seem like a paranoid delusion, but like something that happened. I say that his 'brother' is either a proxy, government agent, or just deluded himself. I hope he gets to the bottom of this, because if so it will help my sleep. That's all for now, later.

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  1. I'd watch out for that creeper, sir. Doesn't sound like good news. (and what kind of person sends goons to do their dirty work? The cowardly kind, if you ask me.)

    Crepeville? Is it made of crepes?

    I saw an Operator symbol on the street the other day in chalk (actually, quite a bunch). Though the melting snow washed it away. :/