Saturday, March 5, 2011

So much new information, so little time. Because the conversation Ian, Dukes, and I had several days ago was, well, several says ago, I won't try to transcribe it. We put our heads together and got some information. Both of them saw Him having a face as well, but not the same face. They each wouldn't say who it was, but it was someone from their pasts and who wasn't purple-faced from drugs. We talked it over and decided not to abandon our lives just yet. It was my idea, and here is my reasoning. Now, all of you will start screaming about M's rules, but remember that the king of business suits doesn't operate the same way with everyone. With M He operated by a strict set of rules, but several other blogs have him defying said rules. Using the theory that He takes on different attributes to battle each of us differently, how do we know that those rules will apply to ours? The second He hurt someone we cared about, we'll leave. It the time since we have all noticed patterns. We see Him quite school. But the town we go to high school at and the town we live in are different, and are separated by a 15 minute drive. And in the town we live in, we have yet to see Him in our town once. At all. Also, when we first saw Him, His face was set it a strange way that scared the living shit out of us. It was kinda confrontational. In the time since His face has been set in a way that looks like He is examining us, like scientists look at a rat. It's still scary. That's all I have for now, so I'll answer any questions you comment with. See you later!

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  1. Maybe don't be an idiot and get out BEFORE someone gets hurt?

    Sorry. This shit gets real quickly. I just don't like seeing people get hurt.