Thursday, June 14, 2012

Log 6/14/12

         Thanks for the help everybody. I love how many comments I got-OH WAIT. Yeah, you guys are about as helpful as a sackful of Atari Jaguars. Hell, the Jaguars could at least be used to hit proxies with! Sigh. Sorry, you didn't deserve that. It's just...frustrating.

         I'm kept up my running, though to where I again cannot type. I've had time to think, about the whole situation. And before anyone comments about said decision, I think I made the right one. I'd still rather die for my morals than live by abandoning them, weird I know. Still, I've kept my researching up. I really hope I'm not in the FEAR universe. Fuck me, if that's what I've got to face me and Annex should just slit our wrists now. But I've been reading other stuff now, and more theories are forming. I'll post again when something happens.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Log 6/5/12

         Let's hope this actually gets posted. For those readers wondering, I have been trying to post almost every day for weeks, and none of them have gone through. That post "Running"? Not posted by me, probably posted by a proxy. So here's what has been going on.

         After my last post, I got home one day, and found a sticky note on my door. It said, "We are coming. Run." It looked like the same hand-writing as that CCV guy. I grabbed some essentials (my laptop, wallet, keys, you know), and did so. I went over to a friends house, and called my apartment. One of my roommates said that some guy in a tank-top had been walking around the outside of our apartment for a few hours. I went to my laptop and tried to post, and the post was pretty much the preceding paragraph. It didn't post, and I got a call from my roommate. Apparently that guy got a call on his cell, didn't say a word, and when it was over he booked it out of the complex. I quickly put two and two together. Not only were they somehow stopping me from posting, but I'd revealed my location to them through that. So I thanked my friend and left.

         I've been going from house to house since, though I won't say where for obvious reasons. I've seen the proxy in the wife-beater several times, usually carrying his bat with him. I don't have anything to defend myself with, so I've been hiding as best I can. It seems I got their attention after all. Any ideas?