Thursday, June 14, 2012

Log 6/14/12

         Thanks for the help everybody. I love how many comments I got-OH WAIT. Yeah, you guys are about as helpful as a sackful of Atari Jaguars. Hell, the Jaguars could at least be used to hit proxies with! Sigh. Sorry, you didn't deserve that. It's just...frustrating.

         I'm kept up my running, though to where I again cannot type. I've had time to think, about the whole situation. And before anyone comments about said decision, I think I made the right one. I'd still rather die for my morals than live by abandoning them, weird I know. Still, I've kept my researching up. I really hope I'm not in the FEAR universe. Fuck me, if that's what I've got to face me and Annex should just slit our wrists now. But I've been reading other stuff now, and more theories are forming. I'll post again when something happens.

1 comment:

  1. My advise run, change names, trust no one and keep away from suspicious characters, go remote, then once you are far away, forget and move on. Don't bother the occult and by theory they should not bother you. Go out to sea, an island water is his weakness as far as research shows. Good luck and The Reaper is watching you.
    ~Signed The Reaper