Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Day 4-Here's a great idea! Taunt the unholy abomination!


Don't act like I even have to describe what happened! I was sitting in class 1st period, trying to learn a new equation for fucking vectors for calculus. It's a nice day, sun is shining (after a terrible snowstorm here in Cali mind you), and this day looks like it might turn out great. I turn to my friends Ian and Dukes, lacking the patience to wait until the bell rings to tell them about the kick-ass movie I saw (Summer Wars). As I do, something out the door catches my eye. No. No God no, please don't tell me...it's him. I'm fucked. I stare in absolute despair at the tall, thin man in a business suit standing about ten yards from my classroom's door. Now I can hear goddamn JediZero already. "Told you so man! Now you're fucked with the rest of us!" Yeah. So...calling out Slendy like that was not my brightest move. Now, you're probably wondering how I took this scare.

First, I nearly pissed my pants. Soon after I recovered class ended, and as we walked out I noticed several things at once. One, no one even glanced at the weird tall guy standing on the campus. They couldn't see him. Second, unlike most thing's I've read about him...he wasn't faceless. He has eyes, a nose, a mouth, the whole works. And it wasn't just any face either, I recognized it, instantly. It wasn't hard considering its purple hue. It was the face of my Uncle Kenny, the exact face I saw when I looked at him before he died of liver failure. And it was staring at me. I made a decision then, and a lot of you will question whether it was good or not, but at the time it seemed the best. I pulled aside my aforementioned friends and told them to look at the exact spot where he was standing. Now, the two have had very different reactions to the mythos in the past. Ian kinda likes it and uses it for a Dresden Files RPG campaign. Dukes, sadly, was overexposed to the Tutorial by myself and now sees the mythos as way less Lovecraftian and more boring rules. The both, however, had the same reactions to seeing him. Their faces turned white, and then they both grabbed me and ran to our next class. Our conversation their went like this:

I: That was...Him wasn't it?

R: Yeah.

D: And He's here because of your blog?

R: Probably, yeah.

They then proceeded to turn away and said that we'll discuss it tomorrow. They didn't say a word after that, I think they're really pissed. Well, that is enough action for today. Fill you in on how our conversation goes on Wednesday. Later.

P.S. We didn't see Him again today, or at least I didn't.


  1. Fuck school. Get your friends and run. Plus, how is it that He looks like your Uncle? Peculiar, but definitely interesting. Keep your blog updated. Please.

  2. .....
    He looked like your uncle? That's unnerving.

    Perhaps there is something important about your uncle, that He wants you to look into?

    Or He's just fucking with you.

  3. Slender has never shown a 'face' before.

    Whats more likely is that he's trying to attract attention to his blog.

    But if this is in fact real.

    I warned you.
    Goddammit I warned you so goddamn much.
    You don't treat something like that as an experiment, or something to try and bring after you for shits and giggles.

    Congratulations my friend, you've fucked over not only yourself, but your friends, and however many people Slendy decides to kill just to fuck with you.

  4. Thanks JediZero for rubbing salt on an open fucking wound. Great guy.

    Sorry, I'm just unnerved from all this. I know you're just trying to help, and I didn't listen. And yes, he had my uncle's face, I am not fucking joking. Also, while it has been a long time since, some of the original posts on Something Awful mentioned him having not only a face, but one that appears differently to different people. All Slendy myths are true, but different ones apply to different people. I guess I drew the short fucking straw huh? Also, sorry for missing a day, will post tomorrow or Saturday. I need time to organize my thoughts and I'm still part of my school's Academic Decathlon team, and I don't get home from practice until 8pm. So, will post soon. Thanks for the ideas and concern.

  5. Graah! I'm mostly trying to get it out of my system that I feel guilty about it somehow and I can't let that crap be bothering me or weighing me down.


    Right now, you're going to have to run. If you want your family, your friends, everyone you care for have a snowballs chance in hell, you run your ass off.

    Follow the tutorial.
    Get up high.
    Stay away from trees.
    Be. Safe.

  6. And keep an eye on this.


  7. 1)Your an idiot.

    2)If I was one of your friends I'd want to kill you.

    3)I'm sorry it's happening to you.

    Now that I've gotten that out of the way that thing you saw in the EverymanHYBRID reunion vid that WAS NOT SLENDERMAN! It was something else a hell of alot more sinister than Slenderman and even he wants it dead. If that's what you're dealing with M's rules won't work on this thing. Except for the keep moving rule.

    Read this: http://ihavetorun.blogspot.com/2010/06/hello.html If the slenderman your dealing with is from Scraed...I really truly am very sorry.

    You should also read: http://wwwrunningwonthelp-lya.blogspot.com/

    Stay safe Roy.

  8. God damn it!! Why are their no normal people who can use some logic and realize how much bullshit this all is. I mean am I the only sane person, well at least I will be honest and tell you all how much bullshit this is and I will prove it ~The Reaper