Monday, February 28, 2011

Day 3-Sigh

Yeah. So no sign of Slender Man. Again.  I really thought that He would have shown up by now. But then, I guess this proves what I thought. He doesn't exist and never will. He's just some scary internet meme that's good story material. Meh. I'll give Him one more day to show. After that, I call bullshit and shut down the blog. Later.


  1. Alright, back up. You claim to have seen him in your post titled "Let's cut to the chase" but then say he doesn't exist? I call bullshit here and now.

  2. That was a joke. It was supposed to be the thing where I typed Slender Man, and then he showed up. I said in the post it was a quick joke. Currently-no SM sightings for me.

  3. That's right. Its just a spooky internet meme.

    Its total bullshit, everybody knows that.