Monday, April 25, 2011

Where is he?

Alright, I'm sorry I haven't posted in a while. things have been getting serious lately, He was more often when He could show up, and when He couldn't it felt like every time I turned around a shadow raced down an alleyway. I thought that since He showed up when I started blogging, I could stop blogging to stop Him showing up. It wasn't working, but I had fallen out of habit, so I didn't start again. Nothing to blog about I guess. But when we got back from Spring Break, Ian wasn't at school. I called his house, and they said he had gone missing two days prior. They sent a report, but no luck so far. There was no sign of a struggle, and the last time they saw him he had left to go to the park.

Alright CCV, you Revenant piece of shit. I've heard how your kind works. Post if you want to trade. I'll trade myself for him, if that is what you want. This will likely be my last post, considering I hope to try and end this chase soon. Goodbye, if you're reading this. Sorry I wasn't...strong enough to keep going.


  1. To Mr. Roy Earl Hankins,

    I understand your assumptions, having likely read of my associate RedLight, however you are mistaken. I seek no trade, no truce, no end to this conflict. Mr. Webber has fallen, as Alexander will, as you will. It is inevitable. The Broken Ace cannot help you, I have dispatched every agent on the West Coast to keep him busy while you are dealt with. You must be made an example of. Do not intrude on our business. Do not purposely or accidentally spread knowledge of my Master. If you do, you shall die. Please, don't try to make to much of a...mess on the way out.

    Your executioner,
    The Card Carrying Villain