Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Final Post...by me

This is my last post. Dukes is barricaded in house, waiting for CCV to show, and I don't even know if he's dead yet. I can only hope he takes a couple of those bastards with him. Before I leave permanently, I have two theories of mine to share, and an announcement.

1. Slendy works under different rules for different people. It seems odd that our tall friend always seems so different depending on the blog. My own experience was especially odd. How can Zeke's Slendy and M's Slendy be the same? They act completely different. But then it hit me, what if Slendy changes his tune to fit you. He acted in a structured, orderly, and, in his own words, stupid way around M, while with Zeke he was like a cunning mastermind. I don't know why he does this, but maybe by acting differently around all of us, he scares us all in a way that suits (lol) us. Also, maybe by making our stories so different from eachother's he hopes he can divide us, trying to guess which blog is real and which is fake. Which brings me to the next theory:

2. No blog/story is fake. There are a lot of blogs that, when we try to find the people in real life or analyze with our own experiences in mind, we decide they're not real. And yet online, the people adamantly and passionately defend themselves, saying they're not joking. Therefore, what if Slendy's existence has tied several different parallel worlds together: via there internet. On the internet, (with the exception of MH) all of the stories are personal accounts. The ones that don't fit with our research merely take place in a different part of the multiverse than our own. For all I know, I could share a universe with the H(a)unted group, instead of Ava and Co. like I expect. Guess I'll never know.

3. I will be handing off my account and blog to that Sac Stalked, the Broken Ace. We talked over e-mail, and he wanted to take over in case of my...demise. So, I hope you'll welcome him with open arms. Also, just as a warning, his username is not inaccurate. He's a bit...off the beaten path. Of sanity. Try and help him for me, will you?

Signing off reality,
Roy Hankins

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  1. Dear faithful readers,

    Both Mr. Hankins and Mr. Dukes have both been disposed of. Watch and learn little ones: do not spread words of my Lord.

    Your vigilant foe,
    The Card Carrying Villain