Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Status Report and WTF

Status Report-The other day I walked over to Annex's house. (Very long walk, good for me in health but horrible in moral.) He lives with his brother and his brother's wife and kids. I knocked at the door and asked if Annex was home. (I obviously didn't say Annex, but I refuse to tell you guys his real name. Unless you guess it. Because I'm a terrible liar.) His brother said that he's moved out in January, and hadn't heard from him since. He answered kinda coldly, so I don't know what to think about the response.

Either: 1. He decided to leave to protect his family, and then got Slendernesia.
2. He told his brother to tell me that if I showed up asking questions.

I've been ruminating recently on why Annex is avoiding me. He obviously has Slendernesia, so he can't still be trying to protect me. Did the memory fuck-up make him distrust me? Did it plant memories of us falling out over something, and he's trying to give me the cold shoulder? Did it remove all memories of me entirely, and now he thinks I'm just some creeper online spying on him? If I was removed from his memories, then how is he still somewhat stable? I've been a part of his life for 9 years now. If you just cut me out of his memories, would what is left make any amount of sense? Ugh, this is frustrating in how in makes no goddamn sense! This is why living in a somewhat fantasy-based universe sucks people: logic becomes useless. I'm not giving up though, I have a plan I want to set in motion.

WTF-His newest post. Who the flying fuck is aTp? What does that stand for? Why is he hijacking the blog again? Could it stand for 'a Terrible person'? I don't know if that works, because why would the p be lowercase? Why would the p ever be lowercase in such an acronym? Sigh. Alright, back to the investigation.

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