Tuesday, February 28, 2012

An explanation, a FAQ, and a new Beginning

             Yeah, so, for those who do not know, this did not happen. Well, it kinda did at the start. I started this blog exactly as it sounds like I did in the first couple posts, with the same purpose. However, when the titular abomination failed to appear, I gave up and kept this going as a story. Personally I consider is a failure, as I had many ideas that were cut short by my bad writing. I have not seen that guy. Yet.

            This post will serve as an FAQ on the blog from the beginning to now. If you have a question on where the flying fuck I was going, or what ideas I had but never got down, please comment and I'll answer.

            The reason I'm posting again after so long is kinda...complicated. My friend Annex, who I have mentioned on other blogs has started one called Too Tired To Be Afraid. My initial suspicions were correct, and he is being chased by that thing. His problem is not a story, or a joke, but a fact. Over the last several months I have completely lost contact with him, and have not seen him since January. At first he didn't answer his phone, but now he changed the number. He doesn't respond on Skype, and then blocked me. I think he's trying to protect me. Fuck that. I want to help him however I can. Now he's changed it from blog to vlog, and from how he acts it seems like he is missing parts of his memory. I am going to find him, and when I do I will help him. It is inevitable. We live in the same city, how long can he keep away?

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  1. Good luck in finding him and good luck to the both of you if you do. Don't get killed.