Saturday, March 31, 2012


      Okay, so if you don't know Annex just posted that he just remembered me, is trying to contact me, but can't! What is going on!? He also mentioned that one of my calls actually got through, but it was just static. I'm working on a number of theories, but I'll just post the one in the front of my brain at the moment. It could be that when someone gets stalked by the Tall Dude, they are sent to an alternate dimension. The only differences between the dimensions is that the people who could help the stalked most are either never born or just gone in that universe. This leaves him in a world without me and me in one without him. I know it sounds silly and sci-fi, and it is, but we're dealing with people being stalked by a 10ft-tall, faceless, teleporting, time-altering, fire-starting, eldritch abomination. I don't think that in this situation my theory is all that far-fetched. Of course the much simpler theory is that Slendy and the Proxies (What a great name for a band!) are keeping us apart on purpose. But why? It doesn't make sense, what could I do to stop the unstoppable? Nothing, that's what. So, if my crazy theory is correct, there's really only one course left to me. I must force myself into being stalked by the Slenderman. This is going to be quite the ordeal, but at least it's better than sitting on my ass and not doing anything. I'll post again soon. Don't worry Annex, I am coming.

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