Saturday, March 31, 2012

The Plan

I saw the videos that got reposted. I don't know how much longer Annex can survive without assistance. So here's my plan to get stalked.

Step 1: Draw the Symbol on everything I can. I've already scribbled it on my notebook and other things like that. Hopefully the overuse of his symbol will draw him to me.

Step 2: Walk around some creepy places during both day and night. Especially heavily wooded ones, which is easy to do because Chico is full of trees.

Step 3: Go to blogs of proxies and taunt them, trying to make them send there master after me.

And from there...I have no clue. It's a short plan, but it can be expanded. Oh, and please don't post warning that this idea is horrible and that I'll probably die. Everyone knows that everybody dies, but I'd rather die young helping my friend than live on with that regret.

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