Friday, May 13, 2011

um hi

before i start a last message from my excomrade in arms, roy

"If you're reading this, I'm dead. All I want to say is, try to help Broken Ace like you tried to help me. He needs it way more than I do. All the years of running and fighting,'ll see.

Goodbye, and thanks for the support,
Roy Hankins"

i guess if you guys want you can comment with Questions i can answer later. maybe help with my brain. right now im in california in some city near roys county. im using the wifi at this nice comic shop. i like comics. spiderman and blue beetle are my favorite. should not stay long dont want to fight mean men again. had to fight them alot recently. its like theyre the soldier ants of a tall pale Queen ant. i guess thats enough for now please ask questions. bye.

-the broken ace


  1. lost control of roys account. He is using it to spread lies and i can no longer stop him. will start posting on my own blog. going to follow a lead now wish me luck. will post on my blog about it.

  2. Dear who ever this may concern,
    May I just go eh? So who the fuck was I talking to on the comments on my blog Roy? Broken Ace? or the other fucker... Kinda confused about this I mean this is confusing as fuck. You son's of bitches how many times do I have to tell you he ain't real, read my blog and my theory.
    ~The Reaper